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What is E-Design?

 You have two options for assistance with designing the space of your dreams.

Option 1


You contact me when you need me...


For example lets say you are working on freshening up a space on your own and You need a recommendation on a rug or help choosing a paint color...thats when I come in to make a suggestion or two to help the process. 

We can handle this via email, text or even facetime. this option is billed by the hour and If we go over the one hour on the single session it will be billed extra for time accrued. 

You will email your request to me along with some pictures and I will make recommendations and provide sources for you. I will always give you a few options. 

Payment is required before any design work can be started.


Full E-design

You will receive a custom design board with a complete room design. I will provide layout suggestions along with a complete product list and sources along with a price sheet. 

I will request emailed photos of your space along with measurements. You will also fill out a detailed questionnaire to get a better understanding of your style. We will also discuss your budget and a list of things you may want to keep in the space. 


During this process (which takes approximately 2 weeks) you will be allowed to make 3 changes. 

Have a pinterest board with design ideas? Let's see it, i would love to see what you envision for your dream space. you can send your pinterest board to:

Payment is required before any design work can be started.

Option 2

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